Friday, March 26, 2010

another pre-paper synopsis X-Men, X2

X Men


Both Directed by Bryan Singer

Mutants are feared by mere humans who want to subjugate or even kill them.

Patrick Stewart is Picard X owner of a school for mutants. Kind of like Hogwarts but more angry and angsty. He Keeps them safe from regular humans and more importantly it’s a tax write off.

Ian McKellan is Magneto who is as his name suggests is a mutant with the power of magnetism. He wants the mutants to rise up
And rule the world. Also, he wears a special costume so he doesn’t get sucked onto the closest fridge.

Magneto’s mutants vs. Picard X’s mutants. TWICE! In two different films.

M -I’m coming to get you Picard X!

PX- Get him Wolverine and, uh, and all you other ones help him out will ya?

W- I’m glad Magneto is a moron and doesn’t use his magnet power to suck the metal claws right out of my hands.. HA HA HA! *snikt* RAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!

PX- Hey, don’t hurt the semi naked blue chick, I uh, want to talk to her.


PX-That’s it, less P.E. and more academics.

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